The Power of a Client Testimonial

When most of us make a big purchase, one of the first things we do is go online and check customer reviews to see what others are saying about it so we feel confident about our investment.  Sure, you could just visit the company’s website to learn more – but an actual customer sharing honest and genuine feedback about what others can expect is even more powerful and sought after.

If you are trying to grow your business consider using the help of some of your happiest customers.  Would they be willing to appear on camera to talk about their experience with you and your team?  You can add these testimonials to your website and use shorter versions for your social media channels. 

It’s important to make sure viewers don’t get distracted by poor video production quality and the message of how your business helped them is front and center.  If possible, work with an experienced video production operation and don’t shoot hand held with your smart phone and no microphone. 

Here are some topics you can include in your interview:

  1. Have your client introduce themselves

  2. Have them discuss how they worked with you and the positive results they achieved

  3. What should viewers know about the experience?

  4. Have your client detail the results of working with you and how they would review your business

Don’t just shoot a few of these and stop.  This should be an ongoing component of your marketing strategy so you can continue to add relevant and fresh content to your digital platforms while showcasing the good work you are doing for clients.