The Power of a Client Testimonial

When most of us make a big purchase, one of the first things we do is go online and check customer reviews to see what others are saying about it so we feel confident about our investment.  Sure, you could just visit the company’s website to learn more – but an actual customer sharing honest and genuine feedback about what others can expect is even more powerful and sought after.

If you are trying to grow your business consider using the help of some of your happiest customers.  Would they be willing to appear on camera to talk about their experience with you and your team?  You can add these testimonials to your website and use shorter versions for your social media channels. 

It’s important to make sure viewers don’t get distracted by poor video production quality and the message of how your business helped them is front and center.  If possible, work with an experienced video production operation and don’t shoot hand held with your smart phone and no microphone. 

Here are some topics you can include in your interview:

  1. Have your client introduce themselves

  2. Have them discuss how they worked with you and the positive results they achieved

  3. What should viewers know about the experience?

  4. Have your client detail the results of working with you and how they would review your business

Don’t just shoot a few of these and stop.  This should be an ongoing component of your marketing strategy so you can continue to add relevant and fresh content to your digital platforms while showcasing the good work you are doing for clients.


How Do I Start Promoting My Business?

It’s time.  You need a video to promote your business.  Now what?!

 There is no better way to communicate the vision and scope of your business then with video.  Sight, sound, motion, emotion… sounds great, but where do you begin?

 Putting together a video to promote your company can seem daunting, but it can be quite simple if you break it down step by step.  Here are a few tips on how to get started from video production and design specialists from 964 Creative in Charlotte, NC.

 To begin – figure out the story you want to tell.  Don’t include every detail of your company – just determine the main points that your customers or potential customers need to know.  What do you need to show them visually?  Remember, this video is a quick and concise glimpse at your business and should not be jam packed with too much information.  

 Next – determine who your audience is.  Who is going to watch this video and what is the best ‘tone’ to use? 

 How long should the video be?  People’s time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it.  Make your video as short, sweet, entertaining and informative as you can.

Hire a creative team that you trust, with experience and view their previous work to make sure they are a fit.


Different Voices for Different Audiences

Every marketing platform that you use to promote your business has a different audience and a different tone.  Make sure you take that into account as you develop your creative.

For example, the audience who is watching a TV commercial during the 11pm nightly newscast on a major broadcast network versus those watching an Instagram video that is posted in early afternoon with lifestyle tags is different.  They are consuming media on different platforms in different ways and the ‘voice’ or the message needs to be adjusted for each so they are relevant and successful.

Take a look at what @964Creative produced to address the different products and approaches necessary for client AAA: